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Foreign Trucker Jailed For Smuggling Tobacco Into The UK.

Monday, 06 November 2017 13:17
A foreign truck driver from Lithuania has been jailed for evading excise duty to the value of £250,000 on 1 tonne of tobacco. Border Force officers were alerted to the truck at Dover Eastern Docks in September of this year and found five pallets of tobacco amongst 27 pallets of books. Aurelijus Repecka arrived at the docks when his vehicle was searched and subsequently the hidden tobacco was found. Repecka had hoped to have the pallets go undetected as he…

Stealth HGV records bad driver traits to aid Police charges.

Monday, 06 November 2017 11:22
A new string to the bow of the police force has been utilised recently on the M5. An unmarked HGV has been patrolling the motorways and roads of the UK for the last two years, with the sole intention of catching drivers committing offenses that would otherwise remain unseen to normal police vehicles. The stealth vehicle was seen recently on the M5 motorway and recorded one driver sending texts from his phone whilst resting his right foot on the dashboard.…

“What The Truck” Network Rail Calling For Correctly Displayed Bridge Heights

Friday, 03 November 2017 11:12
Network Rail have created a campaign to combat the increasing number of HGV’s that are smashing into low bridges causing thousands in repairs and lost revenue through rail cancellations and delays. Just as we reported the issue in an article we published only last week calling for Sat Nav’s to be updated in HGV’s and a device to individually measure the height of each vehicle in good time to avoid a collision with the bridge ahead. Network Rail are calling…

HGV Training Brokers Way Too Expensive As Less Drivers Enrol, Steer Clear

Thursday, 02 November 2017 11:55
The HGV industry is struggling to enrol new drivers as the initial training process is too expensive as unemployed potentially great drivers can’t afford the fees. There is a 7-stage process to becoming a fully qualified HGV driver but along the way there are many charges to encounter. Many drivers worry about the costs incurred during training which include the medical examination, theory test, learning tools, driving course fees, practical tests through to the final class 1 test prior to…

RHA CEO worried as DVSA hand out fines for illegally parked HGV’s

Wednesday, 01 November 2017 11:45
As from Wednesday 1st November (today), the DVSA will be issuing fines of up to £300 and imposing prohibitions if HGV drivers take their weekly rest breaks on residential roads, public roads, slip roads and layby’s. The only place they will legally be able to park to take their weekly rest breaks is designated rest areas, these being service areas and truck stops. With the roads already flooded with many HGV’s, it’s becoming increasingly hard for drivers to find a…
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